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on: March 14, 2019, 05:48:02 pm
Global Rules:

• You need to be at least 18 years of age to participate in this community.

Matrix Chatroom Rules:

• Don't spam too much
• Do not post NSFW or an*me
• Etc

Forum Rules:

• Don't spam too much
• Do not post NSFW content or anything that would violate laws of the Czech Republic

Server Rules:

• Don't take non-valid players out of the round for no good reason.

Taking them out of the round means killing them, critting them, giving them a crippling disability or illness, walling/locking them in with no way out, etc.

Feel free to do such things in self defense within reason, or to valid players however you please.

• Players who are valid have no admin protection and may be freely killed. They are players who:

- Are confirmed antagonists
- Play non-human races. Special case is catpeople - in addition to being valid, they are not allowed to damage anyone.
- Blast various known and unknown texts/copypastas over the station radio/announcements
- Engage in ERP

• Metagrudging is allowed if the original cause is reasonable enough. If you don't want to get metagrudged, either use a random name or do not make a lot of people angry.

• Don't intentionally destroy the station too much. IEDs, smashing things, the occasional welderbomb etc. are OK but don't bomb a whole department and expect not to get catbanned. Accidents are fine within reason..

• If you're borg/AI, follow your laws, simple as.

• No IC in OOC, no metacommunicating, don't crash/DDOS/hack/burn/steal/rob the server. No cheating!

• What is not forbidden is allowed.
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