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on: May 10, 2019, 06:24:52 pm
Name:- SpaceLove
Character name:- Random[as per rules say]
Country:- U.S.A.[which country are you from admins, except woross, I know his]
Timezone:- EST[Electrical Salty Time]

How long have I been playing in PP Station 13:- Since the beginning, recently joined discord again.
What brought you to PP Station 13:- Woross's super cool forums posts.

Why do I want to be admin:- [ok serious this time], I want to advertise this server more and more places like starting with official Space Station 13 website, in order to do that I need permissions, secondly as the server is new it needs time to set up everything and I wanna help the staff out, thirdly, no jokes I like building in this game and staff like those, so you can expect me maroon v.2, adminbusing to make round entertaining.:wink:


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